16 Nov 2020 

Privacy Policy

This page serves to inform users on the collection, use, and disclosure of your Personal Information. By agreeing to use this service, (support.ai.net login portal), you agree to the limited collection of data outlined in this Privacy Policy. The Personal Information collected by Company is for the satisfaction of contracts outlined between you (and/or your legal entity), and Company. Company will not share your information with any other entity without your explicit permission.

Information collection and use:

In order to provide services to you via the Support Portal, we use your full name, contact information, and postal address, if applicable. This information is maintained solely to fulfil contractual obligations.


Cookies are temporary files which store small amounts of data used to identify users. These are sent to you via the website in question (support.ai.net), and by using this website you are agreeing that cookies may be used for the purposes of best serving you.

Third-Party Service Providers:

This website, and all services residing on it, are wholly owned by Company. We do not partner with any other services or companies to bring you this service. This allows us to keep your data internal, and safe from distribution by any other entities. We will never sell your Personal Information.


We value your trust in our services, and make every attempt to give you a secure connection to our web service. It is impossible to guarantee transmission over the internet as 100% secure, and because of this, we are not liable for information which may be stolen in transmission to or from our servers. We will however, make our best effort to keep your connection and personal information secure.

External Web Services:

In some interval, you may find links to external sites on our support portal. By clicking on those links, you will be directed to external websites. We can make no guarantee that external web services operate under the same TOS or PP, and you should carefully read those operating terms on any external website you visit. We cannot control the content or practices of external websites, but we make every effort to only link you web services which are non-malicious and benevolent in nature.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

We may update our Privacy Policy at any time, without explicit notice to our users. We will make available to users our updated Privacy Policy, as soon as terms are updated.

Contact Us:

We advise you review this page carefully or contact us if you have questions regarding Company or our support portal. To do so, you may email support@ai.net or call us at (301) 931-6574.