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 Access Badge Issuance Policy

AiNET schedules access badge issuance requests by appointment only. Requests are taken no less than 24 hours in advance, for appointments between 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. You can submit the access badge by sending an email to AiNET Support directly at support@ai.net, or by utilizing the AiNET Support web portal at https://support.ai.net. Please include the following information in your access badge request;

Full name(s) of personnel to be badged

Date and time of requested appointment

Once the request has been received, it will be acknowledged by AiNET Support personnel. Due to the nature of multi-department responsibilities for access controls for our clients and guests and to ensure that proper controls are exercised in the issuance of access badges, please wait until you have received confirmation of the requested scheduled appointment before dispatching personnel to the AiNET facility.

Personnel arriving for badging requests should plan on spending approximately 15 minutes, per person, to go through the process. Personnel with approved badging appointments should bring with them government issued photo identification and the ticket number issued through the AiNET Support system for their confirmed badging request.


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